Why you should look for wooden box trees when searching for a wholesale nursery in Texas

Wooden box trees (aka container-grown trees) provide growers with a way to grow trees year round, extending the planting season. By growing trees in a wooden box they don’t have to worry about the quality of the soil or whether or not the ground is frozen. Wooden box trees allow growers to focus on new and better ways to keep trees healthy and sustained.

By having wooden box trees, instead of field produced trees, each tree is able to contain 100% of it’s root system. With field production, planters must use more of their open ground to accommodate cultivation and digging, with the possibility of harming the root system when preparing the tree for shipment and transplantation. Wooden box trees allow for a vastly greater production of trees as well as faster shipment, making it more convenient for the consumer. Also, each wooden box tree is able to contain 100% of it’s root system – that means it is easy to transport and will not receive shock from being transplanted.

Here at Twin Lakes Nursery we are able to implement the latest growing methods without worrying if the soil or weather conditions will affect our wooden box trees. Our trees have the uniformity and excellent quality our customers are looking for as well as the assurance that once their tree arrives at the destination it will continue to flourish. You are sure to be satisfied when you purchase a wooden box tree from Twin Lakes Nursery!

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