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Do you need a Tree Nursery near Dallas, TX?

Our Dallas area wholesale tree nursery has many varieties of trees.  We are just a short distance from Dallas, about an hour East on I-20 and you will find the best wholesale tree nursery in Texas! Here are just a few of our beautiful trees.   Click here to find out more about our wholese tree availability. Chinese Pistache          Claudia-Wannamaker Magnolia         Live Oak          Crepe Myrtles         Call us to learn more about our beautiful Dallas area tree nursery at (866) 306-9594. Tree Nursery Dallas Twin Lakes Nursery 300 VZ 4205 Canton, Texas 75103 (866) 306-9594 ...
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A video from our Wholesale Nursery in Texas

We have a beautiful wholesale nursery in Texas.  To see one of the many varieties of trees at our wholesale nursery, check out this video.  Owner Deon Dekkers shows us the Savannah Tree Form Holly.  Our wholesale nursery in East Texas carries these trees from 30 gallon up to a 5 foot box.  Our trees are superior quality!   Contact our Texas wholesale nursery for more information about the Savannah Holly or any tree you may be looking for!  (866) 306-9594   Wholesale Nursery Texas – Canton, TX Twin Lakes Nursery 300 VZ 4205 Canton, Texas 75103 (866) 306-9594 ...
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Why you should look for wooden box trees when searching for a wholesale nursery in Texas

Wooden box trees (aka container-grown trees) provide growers with a way to grow trees year round, extending the planting season. By growing trees in a wooden box they don’t have to worry about the quality of the soil or whether or not the ground is frozen. Wooden box trees allow growers to focus on new and better ways to keep trees healthy and sustained. By having wooden box trees, instead of field produced trees, each tree is able to contain 100% of it’s root system. With field production, planters must use more of their open ground to accommodate cultivation and digging, with the possibility of harming the root system when preparing the tree for shipment and transplantation. Wooden box trees...
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